The Natural  pet urine stain & Odor eliminators

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Atlanta's Green Odor Control Service in Atlanta GA:

We can destroy foul order using a completely safe and no toxic or "Green" product in combination with our commercial truck mounted steam cleaning machine from our parent company Dirt Blasters Carpet Cleaning.

We treat and cure foul odors including cat and dog urine, skunk, dumpster stink or any offensive odor you can present. We work in commercial and residential settings, interiors, exteriors and most surfaces and materials.

We do not use any "masking" scents or artificially scented products. The main product used has no perfume, synthetic chemicals of any kind and is 100% safe and natural. We are very pleased to have finally found a brand new and groundbreaking product which actually delivers on it's promise of literally killing odor, (by starving stinky molecules) so there is a quick death to the smelly organic offenders and all that's left will be an odorless material and environment.

Call today for a quote or estimate. 404-403-0045 Serving Atlanta GA and nearby areas.